Saga urges cat owners to ensure their feline friends have adequate insurance

Tuesday 8 November 2005

Saga urges cat owners to ensure their feline friends have adequate insurance

Tonkinese and Siamese are the most accident prone breeds of cat*

As the feline equivalent of Crufts - the Supreme Cat Show - kicks off at Birmingham's NEC next week (29 November) Saga Pet Insurance warns cat owners to ensure they are not left out of pocket by expensive vets bills should their feline friend fall ill or be involved in an accident.

Research from Saga shows that the most accident prone breeds are the Tonkinese and Siamese, however Saga urges all cat owners, not just those with expensive breeds, to consider taking out pet insurance as treatment for crossbreed cats can also be very expensive.

Treatment for a cat involved in a car accident could leave the owner with a bill for 448*

Treatment for a common feline condition such as kidney problems could cost 547*

Treatment for an ongoing condition such as diabetes costs on average 488*

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive, Saga, commented: "Many cats seem to have more than nine lives and treatment costs can escalate very quickly. Pet insurance will give pet owners peace of mind that they will be able to cover the cost of any misadventures."

Saga's Pet Insurance starts at a monthly premium of 2.67*** for a cat and includes costs of treatment for accident, illness or disease. In addition it will also cover cattery costs should the owner have to spend more than 72 hours in hospital and reimburse non-recoverable expenses, should the owner need to cancel their holiday because their pet needs emergency surgery.

For further information on Saga's Pet Insurance, visit

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* Based on Saga claims data

** Based on Saga's Pet Insurance book

*** Figure is based on Essential Cover policy, for an 11 month old crossbreed cat, living in NE postcode area correct as at 01-11-05. Actual premiums depend on your individual circumstances.

Most accident prone breeds

1 Tonkinese

2 Siamese

3 Persian

4 British Short Haired

5 Burmese

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