Value your loft loot

Tuesday 1 November 2005

Value your loft loot

  • Your memorabilia may be undervalued when it comes to insurance cover
  • Saga Home Insurance increases valuable single item limit to 2,500
  • Save over 10 on Miller's Antiques & Collectables Guides

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Many of us underestimate the value of the modern appliances and gadgets that fill our homes, but putting a price on older possessions and identifying valuable collectables among them is even more difficult. Saga Home Insurance advises that knowing the value of your belongings and checking the single item limit on your insurance policy, could prove vital if you need to make a claim on your household insurance.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive, Saga, comments: "Often the most unexpected items turn out to be valuable. If your possessions are undervalued, you could find that you receive only a fraction of their worth in the event of theft or damage."

Saga Home Insurance has recognised the growing value of items that fill today's homes by increasing its standard single item limit from 1,000 to 2,500. The increased single item limit is one of the best on the market, but it can vary widely between insurers*. Anything exceeding the set limit on your policy may only be covered for its full value if it is listed separately (on the policy).

Decorative arts from the 1950s, 60s and 70s and pop art or classic movie posters are becoming increasingly collectable and valuable. For instance, a 1967 film poster advertising 'Don't Look Back', starring Bob Dylan and Joan Baez has a value of 500-550**. Thunderbirds memorabilia is worth even more - a replica of Thunderbird 3 is worth 600-800. If photography is your hobby, you may have inherited or bought a Nikon S3M post-war camera. In good condition, this could fetch as much as 15,000***.

To help people identify their household valuables, Saga Home Insurance is offering savings on 'Miller's 20th Century Collectables' and 'Miller's Antiques' (2006) guides.

Save 6 on Miller's Antiques Price Guide 2006 - rrp 24.99, Saga price 18.99

Save 2.50 on Miller's 20th Antiques and Collectables - rrp 12.99, Saga price 10.49

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Saga offers advice on insuring the value of your items and security marking your collectables:

Check your insurance policy for the single item limit.

Mark your items where appropriate to improve the chances of getting your possessions returned if recovered by the police. Easy-to-use kits are available from stationers and DIY stores, e.g. ceramic non-scratch marking pens for china, glass or any glazed surface. The mark should show your postcode and either the number of your house or flat, or the first two letters of its name.

Marking items like jewellery or antiques is difficult and could reduce their value, but keep a photographic or video record, preferably in colour, paying attention to any maker's marks (often found on the base of ornaments), initials or crests to help with identification.

Take photographs of possessions against a plain background and include a ruler to give an idea of size. Don't forget to include any chips, dents and scratches.

Consider regular valuations of your collectables by an independent expert.

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Editor's Notes:

* Comparisons for single item limits on Home Contents Insurance

Saga 2,500

Abbey (Peace of mind policy 1,000

CIS (Select) 1,000

Direct Line 1,500

Churchill 1,500

Correct as at 19/10/05

**Valuation figure from Miller's Antiques Price Guide 2006

***Valuation figure from Miller's Antiques & Collectables Guide

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