Evacuation cover

Tuesday 6 September 2005

Evacuation cover

  • First mainstream product to offer evacuation cover*
  • Protects against costs for alternative accommodation or lost or owed rent

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Evacuation is in the news again with the devastation caused recently by the tornado in the suburbs of South Birmingham, leaving hundreds of people in emergency accommodation, many evacuated to local community centres while their homes are assessed for damage and made safe.

Saga Buildings Insurance is first to offer a mainstream policy which includes evacuation cover as a 'standard level of protection'for its customers. It ensures that if you have to evacuate your home on the advice of the emergency services you are covered for extra costs incurred, either for alternative accommodation or for rent owed or paid out.** The cover also includes any extra expenses to re-house domestic pets.

Research carried out by Saga*** shows that three quarters of us would worry about staying in communal emergency accommodation. More than a third (39%) of those questioned admitted that lack of privacy would concern them most, while almost a quarter (23%) showed concern about the prospect of using shared facilities. However, the research shows that most of us are more prepared to put up with a lack of comfort for the night as only a sixth of us (17%) thought this might be a problem.

Boredom (22%) and noise (21%) are further worries when considering staying in emergency accommodation whilst women are far more likely than men to be concerned about their pets (18% compared to 10%), and keeping their children entertained (15% compared with 9%).

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive, Saga, comments: "Being evacuated from your home can be a traumatic experience and something that individuals couldn't possibly prepare for. Our research shows that a primary concern when staying away from home is lack of privacy. With this new cover, our customers will have some reassurance that if faced with such a serious situation, any inconvenience will be kept to a minimum."

Saga Home Insurance is available to people over 50. For more information call 0808 101 5100 or visit www.saga.co.uk


Editor's Notes:

*According to Defaqto Ltd, Financial Research Centre, they are unaware of any 'standard' home insurance products which automatically include evacuation cover . It has previously only been available from bespoke insurers.

**Compulsory evacuation can be following damage to a neighbouring property or as a result of a risk to your personal safety or health from something external to your home. (Damage not necessarily directly to your own property).

The evacuation period is a maximum of 30 days

***Research conducted over the telephone by the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB) on behalf of Saga Home Insurance amongst 2,013 adults aged 16 living in Great Britain from 22nd-24th July 2005.

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