Pet Asbos for neighbours' nightmare pets

Friday 4 August 2006

Pet Asbos for neighbours' nightmare pets

  • One in four people (24%) think that owners with annoying pets should have them taken away permanently
  • Over a third (36%) think the owner should be reported to the Police
  • Many demand that controversial ASBOs are slapped onto nuisance animal owners

Brits are driven to the end of their tether due to neighbours' pets making a nuisance of themselves, according to research released today by Saga Pet Insurance.*

Pet complaints range from the annoying to the downright criminal. One in five have had to cope with other people's pets digging up their garden and nearly a third of people in the UK are disgusted by pets messing in their gardens, a further 19% are left bereft of sleep due to barking in the night.

Perhaps more alarming still, one in ten claim that their neighbours' pets have not only entered their houses but have damaged furniture, or even attacked their own pets. 12% of people cite pets bringing dead animals into their house/garden as a big annoyance. These cat burglars are gradually using up their nine lives!

Opinions varied when it came to meting out punishment for these pet crimes. A huge 94% thought that people should be forced to clean up after their pets, over half felt that owners should be fined for their pet's bad behaviour and over a third would go as far as slapping an ASBO on them.

Neighbours who are well and truly in the doghouse should be reported to the police say 36% of respondents, according to Saga's survey, and a further one in four respondents would take the offending animals away from their owners for good.

In order to stop pets becoming public enemy number one cat owners should consider attaching a bell or electronic warning device to their cat's collar. Research by the RSPB showed that these devices reduced the number of birds and animals killed by cats by as much as 51%

Commenting on the research, Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive, Saga, said: "It would seem that whilst the British are known as a nation of pet lovers, some of our mischievous pets may be unwittingly upsetting the neighbours. Owners of some of the most badly behaved dogs may wish to check their insurance cover to ensure they are covered for any damage their pets might cause. Owners without insurance could be sued and held personally liable if for example their dog bites the postman."

Not all of our neighbours are cross with our pets though, almost half of those questioned said they enjoyed stroking their neighbours' pets, one in four said they looked after their neighbours pets when they were on holiday and one in ten say they walk their neighbours dogs!

Saga's Pet Insurance is one of the most competitive and comprehensive on the market and offers up to 2 million of third party liability cover if your mischievous dog causes injury or damage - our cover starts from as little as 3.10 per month for a cat, less than the cost of a bag of cat litter, and 7.40 for your dog, less than a week's worth of dog food for complete protection for your best friend. Prices are based on Saver Cover for a crossbreed in the NE post code area. Actual premiums will depend on individual circumstances.

If you are a customer and require more information regarding Saga Pet Insurance please call 0800 056 5096.


Notes to editors

* The survey was carried out by BMRB Omnibus 7-9 April 2006 - 2015 adults aged 16 were included in the poll.

For further press information please contact the Saga Press Office on: 01303 771529.

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