Protect your pet from record temperatures this winter

Tuesday 3 January 2006

Protect your pet from record temperatures this winter

  • Even the thickest fur can't protect against all the threats of winter
  • Saga Pet Insurance offers advice on keeping pets safe in the snow

The MET office continues to predict that this winter will be the coldest in 10 years*, news that has sent us all reaching for our thermals. However, our pets need to keep warm too. Saga Pet Insurance is advising pet owners that even the thickest fur cannot protect against all that winter can throw at us and there are some precautions we should take to keep our pets safe.

Protect paws whilst pounding the pavement

When dogs are out walking in the cold water can get trapped in the fur on their paws and freeze, resulting in painful ice balls between their toes. To avoid this, pet owners should clip the hair on their pet's paws to keep it short.

Furthermore, chemicals such as salt on the roads can dry out pets' paws and cause them to crack, which in itself can be painful. Cats and dogs can make things worse by licking the salt off their paws and this can lead to stomach upsets. To solve this people should try to rinse their pet's paws when they come in from outside.

Frozen water isn't fun for furry friends

Pet owners whose pets live outside should make sure they refill their water bowl regularly as it will not take long to freeze. Water bowls should be non metallic as wet tongues can stick to metal in the cold.

Keep pets cosy in the cold

Dogs with short hair need extra protection from the cold when outside and owners are advised to buy them a dog jacket to keep them warm. Any pets sleeping outside in the cold weather should be provided with hay to sleep on rather than a blanket, which tends to absorb moisture from the air and lead to an uncomfortable nights sleep. Kennels should also be raised off the ground in a sheltered location.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive, Saga, commented: "It is apparently going to be a bitterly cold winter this year and although we remember to wrap up warm ourselves we sometimes forget about our pets. The freezing temperatures and poor conditions can make our pets very vulnerable during the winter and we should do all we can to keep them as comfortable as possible."

However well you protect your pet, things can still go wrong. Saga's Pet Insurance offers cover for life policies which start at a monthly premium of 2.67** for a cat and 8.11*** for a dog and includes costs of treatment for accident, illness or disease. In addition it will also cover kennel and cattery costs should the owner have to spend more than 72 hours in hospital and reimburse non-recoverable expenses, should the owner need to cancel their holiday because their pet needs emergency surgery.

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** Figure is based on Essential Cover policy, for an 11 month old crossbreed cat, living in NE postcode area correct as at 01-11-05. Example premium, actual premiums will depend on individual circumstances

*** Figure is based on Essential Cover policy for an 11 month old crossbreed dog living ion NE postcode area correct as at 29-11-05. Example premium, individual premiums will depend on individual circumstances.

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