So you got a car? That don't impress me much

Friday 16 February 2007

So you got a car? That don't impress me much

  • Today's over 50s unlikely to fall for someone in a flash car
  • Personalised number plates a turn-off for four in five people
  • Lowered suspension and fluffy dice the biggest turn-offs

Love may be in the air … but not for drivers of flashy cars, according to research released today by Saga Motor Insurance. According to the survey, for today's over 50s, the car their prospective date drives isn't likely to be a consideration (92%), and only one in three would be impressed if their partner turned up in a convertible.

In the run up to Valentine's Day, Saga was interested in finding out what sets hearts racing - and found that suitors have to work a lot harder than just posing in a soft-top to catch the eye of the today's 50s. Car owners with personalised plates beware - four in five (79%) say this is unlikely to make them turn their heads. However, one in three may give the look of love to someone with leather seats (32%), and those aged under 30 are four times as likely as the over 50s to be attracted to a hatchback driver (20% vs 5% respectively).

Fluffy dice, tinted windows and lowered suspension were dubbed passion-killers across all age groups, with only one in seven of the under 30s were likely to look twice at someone with tinted windows. And the ultimate 80s throwback - the fluffy dice - was voted a real no-no, with only 2 per cent of the over 50s saying they would be impressed. Over half of the over 50s (52%) said that they wouldn't be turned on by any type of car accessory, compared to 46% of under 50s.


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