Have pet, will travel - but only with careful preparation

Thursday 10 May 2007

Have pet, will travel - but only with careful preparation

  • Saga advises drivers how to travel with pets this Summer
  • For a copy of Saga's free information leaflet on travelling abroad with your pet call 0800 056 5096

With 'Pet passports' introduced in 2000 and over 350,000* owners already having taken their pets overseas with them, it is now easier then ever to travel with a furry companion. However, over 50s experts Saga, has discovered that there is still some confusion surrounding the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) and urge travellers to take steps to make the process as stress free as possible.

If your pet doesn't already have a passport you should apply for one as soon as possible as the process can take up to seven months as there are several points to consider:

  • Your pet will have to be fitted with a microchip which can be done at your local veterinary clinic
  • Make sure your animal is vaccinated against rabies
  • Arrange a blood test to ensure the vaccine has given your pet a satisfactory level of protection against rabies.
  • Your vet can then help you apply for a PETS certificate
  • Check whether your pet will need an export health certificate for the country you are visiting
  • Your pet will need to be treated for ticks and tapeworm 24-48 hours before you re-enter the UK. Saga advises that you obtain a list of vets where you are staying prior to setting off.

A list of vets can be obtained from the local British Consulate or the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) PETS website provide a search engine for finding a vet in France (www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine/pets/index.htm)

It is also important to remember that it's not just you that needs be insured when travelling abroad. Pet medical costs are expensive in the UK and can be an added difficulty overseas. Saga offers a travel policy as an add-on to a pet insurance policy for 10 extra per year, per pet. This gives pets many of the benefits of Saga's 'Super Level' of cover while abroad, for an unlimited number of trips and duration. Cover is also offered for quarantine costs if, for example, a pet's microchip fails. Saga also offers cover for repeat tick and worming treatment if, for example, costs are incurred as a result of departure for the United Kingdom being delayed by a transport company.

Super Cover with Saga Pet Insurance includes cover for veterinary fees, advertising and reward costs, holiday cancellation cover, accidental damage and 3rd party liability costs.


Notes to Editors-

*Since launch over 350,000 owners have taken their pets away with them (wording is entered England as some may have been taken when moving abroad but these are only tracked on re-entry.) - source DEFRA

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