Saga keeps passengers guessing as Mystery Cruise prepares to set sail

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Saga keeps passengers guessing as Mystery Cruise prepares to set sail

It seems the over 50s are an intrepid and inquisitive group of travellers. Last year Saga Holidays announced a very unique cruising experience. Customers were offered the chance to book an exciting 14-night voyage of fun and adventure (and part with up to 7,099!) but with an intriguing catch – they had (and still have) no knowledge of where they are going.

When Saga Rose departs Southampton on 22 November 2007, only Captain Alistair McLundie, the ship's watchkeepers and the chief purser will know the cruise's journey. None of the passengers on the sell-out cruise will be told what the itinerary includes throughout the 14-night journey and the only time guests will be privy to any information is just before they arrive at each port-of-call.

However, guests can be assured that the ship will visit at least eight destinations during the cruise, all of which will be outside the UK mainland. Furthermore, at least four of these ports will be completely new to Saga Rose to ensure that regular passengers enjoy something different.

To add to the intrigue, half-day mystery tours have been included at each port and there will be an ongoing mystery to solve during the cruise.

So successful has the response been to this year's cruise that another mysterious adventure has already been organised for next year on Saga Ruby, departing from Southampton on 28 March 2008.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive of Saga Group, said: "This cruise promises to be a unique voyage of excitement and anticipation which will really capture a true sense of exploration. Although I am not privy to the itinerary, Capt McLundie has assured me that the cruise includes a superb range of intriguing destinations to keep even the best detectives guessing."

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