Brummies into Africa

Monday 8 October 2007

Brummies into Africa

  • New research has revealed people from Birmingham love exotic, sun-drenched Africa but give Eastern Europe the cold shoulder.

In fact, the eye-opening national survey - carried out on behalf of Saga Holidays - revealed that 20 per cent of the people questioned have travelled to Africa, but not one wished for a break in Poland, Switzerland or Croatia.

The research has uncovered this and a number of other startling facts about the holiday habits of people across the UK.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive of Saga Group, said: 'This survey has revealed some interesting results. While Italy, Spain and France remain by far and away the most popular destinations closer to home, people of all ages are now travelling further afield and off the beaten track.

'The over 50s in particular are travelling further than ever before with baby boomers taking the lead on destinations including Africa and Asia.'

Italy remains the most popular European destination for people of all ages across the UK. But worldwide New Zealand has been named as the public’s number one dream destination.

When looking at dream destinations – Canada proved popular in the South West (16 per cent) while Geordies gave the Australia the thumbs up, (15 per cent) as the destination they would most like to visit.

It also revealed quirks such as New Zealand proving a real turn off to the Scottish with just 12 per cent naming it as a dream destination.

The survey has also revealed that resorts such as the Balearics – traditionally associated with teenagers, rave music and staying up all night - are more popular with the over 50s than the under 50s, (7 and 6 per cent respectively).

Other fascinating figures revealed that people from Yorkshire are most likely to take a trip to the Caribbean (18 per cent) while the Welsh are the most likely to be found enjoying the spectacular scenery and wildlife in South Africa.

Saga, the premier holiday firm for the over 50s, carried out the research to find out the nation’s favourite holiday destinations.

Closer to home the survey also revealed Portugal wasn't a popular choice with people from Nottingham and the East Midlands as just one per cent named it as their favourite European destination.

Other regional variations saw holidaymakers from Manchester and Liverpool turning their backs on France with just six per cent naming it their favourite destination - preferring instead the sunny beaches of Spain (17 per cent).


Notes to Editors-

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.

Total sample size was 2,014 adults.

Fieldwork was undertaken between 29th - 30th August 2007.

The survey was carried out online.

For further press information please contact the Saga Press Office on: 01303 771118.

The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18 ).

Which would most like to go on holiday to:

North East Australia 15 per cent

North West New Zealand 21 per cent

Yorkshire New Zealand 20 per cent

East Midlands America/New Zealand 16 per cent

West Midlands Caribbean 14 per cent

East of England New Zealand 18 per cent

London New Zealand 14 per cent

South East New Zealand 22 per cent

South West Canada/New Zealand 16 per cent

Wales New Zealand 28 per cent

Scotland Australia 18 per cent

Over 50 New Zealand 20 per cent

Under 50 Caribbean/New Zealand 15 per cent

Which is your favourite European destination:

North East Spain 17 per cent

North West Spain 17 per cent

Yorkshire Spain 15 per cent

East Midlands Italy 15 per cent

West Midlands Italy 17 per cent

East of England France 12 per cent

London Spain 18 per cent

South East Italy 18 per cent

South West Italy 13 per cent

Wales Spain 15 per cent

Scotland Italy 11 per cent

Over 50 Italy 14 per cent

Under 50 Spain/Italy 14 per cent

Which have you been on holiday to:

North East Spain 73 per cent

North West Spain 76 per cent

Yorkshire Spain 67 per cent

East Midlands France/Spain 68 per cent

West Midlands Spain 65 per cent

East of England France 72 per cent

London France 83 per cent

South East France 74 per cent

South West France 74 per cent

Wales France 71 per cent

Scotland Spain 65 per cent

Over 50 Spain 72 per cent

Under 50 France 69 per cent

Which of the following have you ever been on holiday to?

Africa Over 50 20 per cent

Under 50 18 per cent

Asia Over 50 21 per cent

Under 50 19 per cent

Cities By Region

North East Newcastle

North West Manchester/Liverpool

Yorkshire Leeds

East Midlands Nottingham

West Midlands Birmingham

East of England Cambridge

London N/A

South East Brighton

South West Bristol

Wales Cardiff

Scotland Glasgow

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