Shocking news! Older people are scared to leave their homes - don't be ridiculous say the over 50s!

Monday 29 October 2007

Shocking news! Older people are scared to leave their homes - don't be ridiculous say the over 50s!

  • Despite common perceptions, neighbourhoods are improving and neighbours are becoming better friends!

Recent research by Saga Home Insurance* proves that the image of communities hiding behind their doors, scared to leave their home for fear of encountering a gang are just not true. The research revealed that the over 50s' perceptions of their own neighbourhoods have barely changed over the past ten years and more than half (58%) did not think that neighbourhood crime had increased.

The research also showed that real community spirit prevails in many areas with more than half (59%) regarding their neighbours as just as friendly as ever, with over a quarter (28%) actually thinking that their relations with neighbours have improved. The findings show how the over 50s recognise that recent reported opinions are drawn from isolated incidents in particular areas of the UK and do not represent the true feelings throughout the country.

One of the most interesting findings is that almost two thirds (60%) of people think there has been no change in the level of pollution in their neighbourhood. This figure stands in sharp contrast to the general assumption that our cities, towns and villages have become overcrowded and more polluted in recent years. However, over a quarter of respondents (28%) highlighted noise pollution as worse than it was ten years ago, a finding that can perhaps be attributed to the increase in the number of cars on today's roads.

The report overall shows an incredibly positive view of neighbourhoods by the over 50s. In fact over a quarter (27%) also pointed out that local amenities had become better over the past decade despite a decline in the number of local Post Offices and local family run shops.


Notes to editors-

*Research carried out between February and May 2007 with 4,129 Saga Home Insurance customers.

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