Pets face a leaner Christmas as the credit crunch bites!

Monday 29 December 2008

Pets face a leaner Christmas as the credit crunch bites!

  • Less owners will treat their pets this year
  • Average amount spent is £5
  • Fish are more spoilt than moggies!

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Pets will feel the pinch of the credit crunch this Christmas as owners decide not to buy them their usual festive gifts. Research released today by Saga Pet Insurance* reveals that of the 21% of dog owners over 50 only 54% will be buying their pooches presents this year compared to 68% in previous years. Of the 22% of cat owners over 50, only 32% will receive celebratory gifts, compared to 53% in the past.

Of the owners that will be buying gifts this year, just over half (52%) that have dogs will spend up to 5 on a gift compared to 64% of those that have cats. Just over a third (36%) of indulgent dog owners are spending slightly more, between 5 and 10, however Cat owners will be less indulgent with only 28% spending this amount.

To prove we really are a nation of animal lovers, fish owners (32%) and bird owners (35%) will also spend between 5 and 10, meaning this year fish will be spoilt more than cats.

When it comes to sending seasons greetings this year, 41% of dog owners will sign Christmas cards from the whole family, including the dog, compared to 29% of cat owners. The same amount of bird owners (29%) and almost a fifth of fish owners (19%) will also sign their cards from these beloved pets.

Only a tiny amount of owners will be sending their pets their very own Christmas card. 4% of dogs, 2% of cats, 2% of fish, but yet again birds are the most favoured pet with 5% receiving a card.


Notes to Editors-

*Populus received 16,520 responses from adults aged 50 and over to its online poll for Saga Pet Insurance between 10 th and 20 h October 2008.

For further press information please contact the Saga Press Office on: 01303 771529.

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