Saga Insurance increases - home and motor insurance doubles it's cover for personal belongings during December

Monday 8 December 2008

Saga Insurance increases - Home and Motor Insurance doubles it's cover for personal belongings during December

  • Claims 5% higher in December than the yearly average Saga Motor Insurance doubles personal belongings cover to £2,000
  • 2000 personal belongings cover in December with Saga Motor Insurance Saga Home Insurance increases contents cover by 10%

Recognising the increase in a vehicle's contents during the festive period, Saga Motor Insurance is doubling the amount of cover for personal belongings to 2000 in December. By examining their own claim stats, the company has deemed it necessary to offer this added security as Christmas is considered a high-risk period for vehicle thefts and damage.

Saga Insurance increases home contents and motor insurance cover throughout the month of December. To allow for extra gifts being carried in the car, Saga Motor Insurance double s it's personal belongings cover to £2000. Saga Home Insurance increases its contents cover by 10% to cover gifts in the home. Saga have looked into their customer database from 2005 to 2007* and found that claims, particularly for accidental damage, are nearly 5% more frequent than the average for the year, and the cost of the claim is 8% higher.

The company recommends that people attain comprehensive cover, as despite it being the season of goodwill, unscrupulous individuals can strike if they see an opportunity. They also stress that longer nights and inclement weather conditions contribute to a higher number of accidental damage claims.

Chief Executive of Saga Services, Roger Ramsden, commented: "People can, understandably, get caught up in the excitement of the Christmas period and not concern themselves with insurance. Saga Motor Insurance offers invaluable peace of mind to those who worry about the occurrences of theft and accidental damage and strongly recommends that others take note Despite it being the season of goodwill, there are some unscrupulous individuals out there willing to steal presents from the boot s of cars or from under our Christmas trees. Saga Insurance ha s chosen to provide that extra level of cover at the time of year when people have more valuables in their cars or homes."


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