Blaming cats and dogs

Thursday 27 March 2008

Blaming cats and dogs

  • 'Clumsiness' blamed for 1 in 7 cat and dog insurance claims
  • Midlands have the clumsiest moggies, and South East have the most accident-prone mutts!

Saga Pet Insurance has revealed that 1 in 7 (14%) claims are a result of clumsy pets*. The analysis looked at the number of 'clumsy' claims, rather than those for illness or disease, made for both cats and dogs in each region. Midlands' moggies are revealed as the most accident-prone cats in the UK with over a quarter (26%) of claims caused by carelessness. Dogs in the area can feel a little smug as it's their Southern relatives who were clearly the most hapless in the UK with the South East having the highest proportion of claims related to clumsiness, and being twice (185%) more likely to fall victim of their own negligence than welsh mutts who are the most cautious in the UK.

The top reasons for accident-prone cats to visit the vet were injuries to the body (22%) or being involved in road traffic accidents (16%). Getting caught on branches when jumping out of trees or cutting themselves when squeezing through small gaps were examples of some of the scrapes they get into. Dogs are more likely to suffer injuries to feet (27%) and ligament damage which is generally caused by a sudden strain on the leg (16%), both highlighting that dogs aren't quite as nimble on their toes as their owners would like to believe.

However it's not just the pets we should be feeling sorry for. The cost of treating these clumsy animals is potentially huge for the 71% of pet owners who are uninsured in the UK**. The average cost for treating a cat involved in a road traffic accident is 705 but the costs can be as much as 5000, and treating a dog that has ligament damage could be closer to 9000!

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Notes to Editors-

*Analysis of actual Saga Pet Insurance claims from April 2006 to July 2007.

** GB TGI 2007 Q4 (Jul 2006 – Jun 2007) – Hhld survey

Claims classified as clumsy:

* Injury to body

* Injury to leg

* Road traffic accident

* Injury to foot

* Foreign body

* Lacerations

* Injury to mouth

* Fracture

* Cruciate ligament damage

* Tail injury

* Stuture wound

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