More break-ins happen after the clocks go forward

Thursday 27 March 2008

More break-ins happen after the clocks go forward

Saga Home Insurance warns consumers to be extra vigilant once the clocks go forward this weekend, as new statistics from Saga reveal that there are 42% more theft claims during British Summer Time (BST) than there are during the winter months*.

Paul Green, Head of Group Communications, Saga, commented: "As the evenings become lighter after the clocks go forward, people can become less security conscious, which results in a higher rate of burglaries. Lighter and warmer evenings often mean we spend more time outside and people leave windows open to let in the summer air. Many burglars take advantage of an open window, so ensuring yours are closed whenever you are not in the house is essential. It is also best to make sure you do not leave any items outside unnecessarily. Nearly half of all burglaries happen when a home is empty, so if you go on holiday this summer, try to arrange for a neighbour, friend or family member to visit your house every couple of days to check everything is OK and to make it look like it is occupied."

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Notes to Editors-

*The difference between the total number of theft claims during BST and GMT. Figures taken from Saga Home Insurance theft claim data over the last 5 years.

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