Over-50s more tolerant when it comes to cheating, SagaZone.co.uk reveals

Monday 3 November 2008

Over 50s more tolerant when it comes to cheating, SagaZone.co.uk reveals

SagaZone survey shines spotlight on infidelity through the ages.

A quarter of people (26%) are unfaithful to their partners, according to a new survey for SagaZone.co.uk published today (3 November).

The survey of over 2,000 adults shows similar levels of infidelity between under 50s (25%) and over 50s (27%).

However, just over a third of the over-50s said they regretted the experience (36%) compared to over half (52%) of those younger than 50.

Today's survey shows the over-50s have a more relaxed attitude when it comes to infidelity with only half (50%) considering kissing someone other than a partner cheating, compared with over three-quarters (76%) of under-50s admitting the same.

Other key findings that shine a light on generational attitudes to cheating include:

  • A quarter (27%) of over-50s compared with half (48%) under-50s would break up with their partners for cheating.
  • A third (36%) of over-50s consider sending suggestive text messages as cheating compared to around half (46%) of the under-50s.
  • Twice as many over 50s (8%) than under 50s (4%) would forgive their partners if they found out they had been cheating.

People in a relationship need not worry too much about their partner straying online. While a quarter (23%) of both age groups believed that flirting in an online chatroom meant their partner was being unfaithful, just 3% of all people admitted cheating on their partner as a result of letting an online friendship grow out of control.

The over 50s also demonstrated that life experience has given them a far more considered attitude towards infidelity. A third (35%) believed cheating to be entirely immoral, compared to four in ten (41%) of the under 50s.

Saga editor-at-large Emma Soames, said:

"Infidelity is never a pleasant subject and can often be painful for all concerned. So this survey brings to light some uncomfortable facts – but a high degree of honesty."

"The over-50s seem to have a more measured attitude to infidelity with the majority believing that it takes more than words or a stolen kiss to constitute a fling. Only a quarter believed that flirting online, and just a third believed that sending a suggestive text would be cause to call in the lawyers! They clearly take their marriage vows seriously and, 'for better or worse', concentrate on trying to make the relationship work if an indiscretion occurs rather than falling at the first hurdle. Many of them are in long lasting relationships – maybe these pragmatic attitudes account for that."


Notes to Editors-

Opinium Research carried out an online poll of 2,044 British adults between 7th and 10th of October 2008. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.

Saga Zone - www.sagazone.co.uk - launched in November 2007 immediately securing around 13,000 members. There are now over 45,000 members on the site.

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