Check your caravan is protected this summer

Monday 27 April 2009

Check your caravan is protected this summer

  • Third of over 50s opt for caravan breaks in the credit crunch

With one in three (32%) of the over 50s considering going on a caravanning break this year to save pennies in the credit crunch*, Saga is advising caravanners to check their caravan is adequately insured before heading off for a weekend on the road.

Statistics show caravan sales up 10-15%** this year as holidaymakers scale back on their overseas holiday plans, but some caravan owners may end up out of pocket this holiday season as many novice caravanners wrongly assume their mobile home is covered from theft and damage under their existing home and car insurance policies.

Worryingly, many motorists believe that if a caravan is attached to a car, it will be covered by the car insurance. If fact, the caravan will only be covered by third party insurance, meaning that any damage done to your own caravan is not included.

Most caravan contents are also not covered by home insurance policies. A few personal items such as cameras and handbags may be included, but once any other items are removed from the house, such as TVs, stereos, laptops, computer games consoles, crockery, they are no longer eligible for protection.

In addition to these common myths, caravanning equipment is not included by any other policy. The theft or damage of expensive items such as awnings, toilet tents, aqua rollers, caravan batteries and garden furniture could run to cost thousands of pounds.

By purchasing the correct cover for your caravan, an incident on holiday need not turn into an ongoing financial headache.

Saga Caravan Insurance includes:

· Loss or damage to your caravan or contents

· New for old cover – your caravan and equipment are insured on a new for old basis up to five years with our silver policy and up to 12 years with Saga’s gold policy

· You are still covered when you lend your caravan to family and friends

· Equipment and awnings are covered – some of the more expensive items include solar panels, fridges, toilet tents and caravan movers

· £2 million of liability cover.

· European cover as standard on gold policy, can add on to silver policy

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive of Saga Group, commented: “It is important that caravan owners fully understand what their insurance policies cover. Separate caravan insurance is vital when using your caravan, and ensures that even if the holiday takes a turn for the worst, you won’t be left out of pocket.”

Saga’s safe caravanning tips:

· Don't leave anything valuable on display in your caravan

· Take all your valuables with you when you leave the caravan

· Never leave registration documents or purchase receipts in your caravan

· Immobilise your caravan, even when you stop only briefly

· Have a reliable alarm fitted and remember to turn it on whenever you leave

· Fit a special caravan deadlock to the door and always remember to use it

· Always close doors, windows and any roof light when you leave your caravan - even if it's only for a short time.

· Install a time switch. If you are out after dark, the lights will still go on and off in your caravan making it look occupied.

· Always lock your caravan and take your keys with you. At home, always keep your caravan keys in a safe place which is out of sight and away from windows and doors.

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Editors notes:

*Sagazone poll of 646 over 50s, April 2009

**Source: The Caravan Company, 2009

For further press information please contact the Saga Press Office on: 01303 771529.

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