Older people not phased by withdrawal of cheques

Thursday 17 December 2009

Older people not phased by withdrawal of cheques

Proposals to phase out cheques by 2018 will not have the huge impact on older people that many are predicting according to over 50s experts.

Emma Soames, Editor at Large for Saga Magazine says “Our customers are very at home using Credit and Debit Cards and have been for many years. In fact this has been a topic for discussion on SagaZone, the social networking site for over 50s, with most contributors completely comfortable with the withdrawal of cheques.

Emma continues “The realistic timetable of phased withdrawal by 2018 will also give the more nervous consumers time to adjust to new payment methods and also allow the development of technology to fill any potential gaps. Of course consumers should be given the choice to pay using methods that they feel comfortable with but with cheques not being accepted in an increasing number of stores, many have already been forced into using debit cards and found it much easier than originally expected. Cheques look set to join tinsof spam as missed only for nostalgic reasons.”


Emma Soames, editor-at-large, was editor of Saga Magazine from 2002-2008. Previously she edited the Telegraph Magazine for seven years and before that was editor of ES Magazine, Tatler and the Literary Review. Emma is also an occasional columnist for The Daily Telegraph.

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