Top 10 boat insurance claims for last 4 years revealed

Monday 27 July 2009

Top 10 boat insurance claims for last 4 years revealed

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Sailing is one of the favourite past times of the over 50’s with this age group accounting for over 41%* of boat owners in the UK. Contrary to popular belief, theft is not the biggest risk faced by boat-owners according to claims statistics from Saga Boat Insurance. In fact boat-owners over 50 are now 19% more likely to hit a submerged object, with the average collision claim amounting to £2,394.55. Boat owners can easily protect their vessel by being prepared for the area they are sailing in, having Marine charts on board and ideally having a sonar device fitted. Checking the latest weather and tides is also a must before you set off for your trip.

Theft is still the second most frequent claim of Saga customers with costs averaging £1,218 per claim, and with 15%** of theft claims taking place when boats are moored. However, Saga statistics show that this is a 50% reduction on the previous years theft claims, demonstrating that boat owners over 50 have taken onboard advice about the importance of boat security during the current economic climate.

Saga suggests the following hints and tips to avoid being the victim of boat crime-

· Don’t leave anything loose in the cockpit or on deck

· Remove valuable navigational equipment, wet weather gear and personal items

· Make sure your curtains (if applicable) are closed so no-one can look in

· Ensure that outboard motors, tenders and life rafts are secured to the main vessel with quality locks or chains

· Ensure that unfastened equipment such as anchors and oars are secured by wire rope, or chains and locks.

· Where relevant, fit a trailer lock to the hitch and a wheel clamp

Police reports also suggest that some items are currently extremely attractive to thieves such as bronze and copper, where the value has soared in recent years. Boats regularly have bronze items in open view such as bells, plaques and statues. Whilst it’s not feasible to easily remove or store these items, trying to mask them from view may make the opportune thief look elsewhere for easier pickings.


Notes to Editors

*GB TGI 2009 Q2 (January 2008 - December 2008)

**Claims data from 908 Saga Boat Insurance claims from April 2004 to June 2009.

The top ten frequent Boat Insurance claims are –

1. Striking a submerged object while cruising

2. Theft while moored

3. Collision while cruising

4. Storm damage while moored

5. Theft while laid up

6. Accidental damage while cruising

7. Flood whilst moored

8. Sinking whilst moored

9. Negligence of owner whilst cruising

10. Accidental damage whilst moored

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