Online auctions for care contracts

Monday 1 June 2009

Online auctions for care contracts

In response to the news that councils are starting to hold online auctions for care contracts for end of life and dementia care for some of our most vulnerable old people Emma Soames, Trustee of the Saga Charitable Trust commented –

"It is an absolute travesty that our councils feel they can value the care of vulnerable members of society so little. Care is one area where you get what you pay for - the less the pay, the worse the care. Councils use e-auctions to reduce the costs of items like stationery and wheelie bins. You simply cannot treat old people like postage stamps. The end result will be that some of our Country's most vulnerable and poor elderly people will effectively be dumped in the wheelie bin of society. And this in a month where the government is promoting its green paper on care, stressing the right to minimum standards of care for the elderly.

When will our government step in and agree with public sentiment that enough is enough...let's start caring for our elderly with the dignity and respect they so greatly deserve".

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