Over 50s love talking dirty

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Over 50s love talking dirty

  • A quarter of over 50's phone to talk about daily tasks like doing the cleaning
  • Women more likely to phone children and parents than their partners
  • Using Home Landlines more popular than mobiles
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The UK is a nation that loves to stay in touch, recent research from Saga Telephone Service shows. An overwhelming 79% of the population make up to five calls a day to loved ones, with a further one in ten (10%) people making between five and ten calls daily.

Women are the most family focused, with a quarter (25%) phoning their children and mother (24%) to catch up on family news and what’s happened during the day. Surprisingly, contacting their other half is further down the list of priorities, with only a fifth (22%) contacting partners regularly.

Men are keener to speak to their partners, with over a third calling them the most compared to less than a fifth (16%) calling their children. Conversation topics are similar amongst the sexes with men also choosing family (26%) and daily activities (22%) such as cleaning, as the hot topics of conversations. Surprisingly, work doesn’t favour highly on a call with only 5% of under 50’s and 4% of over 50’s mentioning it.

Sadly fathers are one of the least called groups, with only 3% of the population saying they regularly call their dad for a chat. Best friends are also surprisingly low on the list of with less than one in ten (9%) prioritising speaking to them.

People most called for personal reasons:

Partner – 27%

Son / daughter – 21%

Mother – 21%

Best friend – 9%

Sibling – 7%

Home landlines are still the most popular method of communication with over half (53%) of the population preferring to use them rather than mobile phones (42%) indicating that we are keen to cut costs. Brits are also shown to be very honest with only 2% using the company landline to make calls to friends and family.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive of Saga, commented: “ Its good to see that even today, with the constant development of new online technology, people still like to pick up the phone and have vocal contact with loved ones. “

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Notes to Editors-

* Research conducted by Opinium on an online poll of 2,050 British adults between 17 to 19 February 2009

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