Reacting to the news Sir Fred Goodwin's home was vandalised

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Reacting to the news Sir Fred Goodwin's home was vandalised

"Such illegal and threatening behaviour should always be condemned. It is never justified for people to take the law into their own hands and seek retribution for actions they deem unjust."

"Although completely misdirected, our research suggest that these actions do reflect public sentiment against Sir Fred Goodwin. Responding to calls that the Government use all means necessary to recover his 16.9m pension, a staggering two thirds of over 50s (62%) agreed with the idea, whilst less than a fifth (16%) believed he should be allowed to keep it. Our research also concluded that the majority of over 50s think Sir Fred Goodwin should be stripped of his knighthood. A staggering 58% believe that he is no longer entitled to hold the honour, and only one in ten (12%) deem it correct for him to keep it. Sir Fred's own countrymen came out strongest in their condemnation, with 63% of Scots thinking he should revert back to being plain old Mr Goodwin."

"The over 50s are especially angry about Sir Fred Goodwin's refusal to do the right thing and give his pension back to the taxpayer. Many over 50s are having to tighten their belts due to the mistakes made by bankers such as Sir Fred Goodwin and the idea that he is reaping rewards from the economic turbulence which he helped caused and which will have repercussions for years to come is unpalatable."


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