Caring pet owners pull out all the stops on bonfire night

Monday 2 November 2009

Caring pet owners pull out all the stops on bonfire night

  • 75% of over 50s stay in with their pets
  • Younger generation use food treats to keep pets happy
  • Pet massage and aromatherapy popular with one million cat and dog owners

The UK is a nation of pet lovers who sacrifice their social lives to make sure their four-legged friends are happy, research from Saga Pet Insurance shows. On Bonfire night almost two thirds (60%) of cat and dog owners will specifically stay indoors with their pets to provide comfort.

The older generation is shown to be the most sympathetic, with a staggering three quarters (75%) choosing to stay in, compared to 49% of under 50s. Almost half (46%) of people celebrate it with a third (32%) attend specially organised firework displays and over one in ten (13%) will go to a Bonfire night party.

Bonfire night celebrations can mean confusion for pets, but pet owners in the UK have developed ways to help their furry friends get through the season. A third (35%) of owners turn up the TV or radio to drown out the noise, while one in seven (15%) will ensure their pets get extra exercise during the day to tire them out before the evening entertainment. Over one million** owners are even using alternative therapies, such as remedial massage or aromatherapy, to help calm their pets nerves.

How Brits help pets during firework season:

1. Stay in with them – 60%

2. Turn up TV radio to drown out noise – 35%

3. Give them special treats – 18%

4. Give pets more exercise during the day to tire them out – 15%

5. Provide alternative remedies such as massage/ aromatherapy – 5%

The younger generation is shown to be less aware of potential problems with their pets on Bonfire night with a fifth (19%) stating they go out as normal without making any extra provisions, compared to just 8% of over 50s. However, younger owners are more likely to give their pets extra treats to keep them happy, with a quarter (25%) giving them special snacks, compared to one in four (20%) over 50s.

Saga knows how upsetting it is when a pet is injured or falls ill, and sometimes this can be compounded by the worry of large vets’ bills. For those aged 50 or over, Saga’s Pet Insurance can provide peace of mind from as little as £4.58 per month for a cat and £10.37 per month for a dog***.


Editors notes:

* Research conducted by Opinium on an online poll of 2,021 British adults between 22nd to 28th September 2009

** 45% of 48million UK adults own a cat or dog= 21,600,000

5% of 21,600,000 cat and dog owners use alternative therapies to calm their pets = 1,080,000 owners

*** Prices correct as at 4 August 2009

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