Only one in five over 50s in Wales support the proposal to use an insurance policy to fund future care

Monday 16 November 2009

Only one in five over 50s in Wales support the proposal to use an insurance policy to fund future care

  • A further one in five of over 50s living in the Wales believe that the cost of future care should be entirely funded by the government through taxation

Emma Soames Editor at Large for Saga Magazine and Trustee of the Saga Respite for Carers Trust comments on the proposals that are to be laid out by the Welsh Assembly Government on how care for elderly people in Wales could be financed:

“Many people don’t want to face the fact that they or their loved ones may, at some time, require long term care yet almost all of us know somebody who has been forced to sell their family home to pay for care. Whilst 84% of those living in Wales think the current system is grossly unfair the population was divided when on how to fix the funding gap.

The most popular proposal throughout Wales was for the state to provide a set standard of care for everybody that could be topped up by the individual with almost half (48%) selecting this option. Only one in five (22%) supported the proposal for an insurance policy to fund future care costs and almost one in five (19%) felt that the costs should be entirely funded through taxation.

Emma continues: “It is clear that the current system for the provision of care and support is widely accepted as being outdated and in many cases grossly unfair. However Saga’s research shows that there is no one size fits all solution with all of the proposals receiving a decidedly cool reception amongst over 50s. Whilst many support the abolition of the postcode lottery in care provision and funding, many are still concerned that these proposals do not protect the family home as accommodation and food costs are still going to have to be met by the family”.


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