Over 50s reject Labour in favour of the Tories

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Over 50s reject Labour in favour of the Tories

A new study from Saga reveals that the Labour Party is rapidly losing favour amongst the over 50s in Britain following the recent party conferences.

Research from the Saga Populus Panel*, the largest research panel of over 50s in the UK, reveals there has been a significant shift in support for the Tories with over two thirds saying they are becoming increasingly pre-disposed towards the political party. Conversely, more than four fifths (84%) have stated that they have decided to distance themselves from Labour and its policies. These figures are even more pronounced amongst the over 70s (77% and 87% respectively).

It was widely believed that the Conservatives had the best conference season with David Cameron deemed to be the top performer during this time (52% and 56%), a marked difference when compared with the Labour party (10% and 10%).

Paul Green, Head of Communications at Saga, commented: "The over 50s in Britain have clearly made their views known and it spells trouble for the Labour party, particularly as this cohort is more likely to vote in the next election than the younger age group. The party conferences have obviously had an impact on public opinion and it will be interesting to see who votes with their feet come next Spring."


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