Over 50s travel rush set for Saturday 12th September

Thursday 10 September 2009

Over 50s travel rush set for Saturday 12th September

  • September the most popular month to travel for the over-50s
  • Travel on a Wednesday to avoid the queues and crowds
  • Average holiday cancellations cost £1,039

As the kids go back to school, it will be the over 50s’ turn to pack their sun hats and cream as they head off for their summer break. According to research from Saga Travel Insurance*, September is the most popular month to go away among the over 50s. Almost two thirds (61 per cent) of over 50s holidays were taken in September 2008. This Saturday, 12th September is going to be the busiest day for the over 50s to travel, so they may in fact find themselves caught up in a ‘silver rush’ at the airport

Over 50s travel rush set for Saturday 12th September

Most hotels and holiday villas prefer to hand the keys over on a Saturday, so its not surprising that two thirds (61 per cent) of all holidaymakers depart on a Saturday. On average people are away for 14 days. However, for those who have the freedom to travel when they want and prefer to beat the rush, Wednesday is the optimum day. It also came as no surprise that Christmas Day and New Years Eve are the least favourite days to travel on.

Protect yourself against unforeseen incidents

But no matter how carefully holidaymakers plan their trips, incidents may occur that are completely out of their control, and having travel insurance in place will provide that added peace of mind. Last year cancellations were the highest cause of travel claims, with the average cancellation costing £1,039 per person. Medical expenses were second highest, costing £2,089 per person. Worryingly though, there are still some Britons who planned to travel overseas without any cover in place this year (5% of over 50s and 9% of under 50s respectively)**. For them, their holiday maybe more memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

Saga Travel Insurance offers a quick and easy to use online medical screening process and covers the majority of pre-existing conditions***. There is no upper age limit and comprehensive cover should a holiday have to be cancelled, curtailed or baggage is lost or stolen. Scheduled airline failure insurance up to £1,500 is also included at no extra cost, something none of the high street banks offer as part of their travel policies

When an incident has occurred on holiday, requiring a claim to be made, it seems the over 50s are hot on the foot to deal with it as soon as they return. Last year, a third of all claims (30 per cent) in September were made on a Monday – for most, the first working day after their holiday.

Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman, Saga Group, comments, "It appears that for many of the over 50s, recession concerns are diminishing fast. They are more confident about the future and are buying travel insurance in record numbers, indeed we experienced a 14% increase in sales last month. In terms of overseas destinations people are in particular heading for Spain, France, Italy and the US.”

For more information please visit www.saga.co.uk/insurance/travel-insurance/ or call 0800 015 8055


Editors notes:

*Saga Travel Insurance 2008 internal data.

**Analysis carried out by Opinium on an online poll of 2006 British adults aged 18+ between 29th May and 2nd June 2009

*** Customers are asked to declare any medical conditions and referred to a medical screening process at quotation stage if necessary.

For more information, please contact the Saga Press Office on 01303 771529

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