Home Care Summit: "we don't believe it" says the Saga generation

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Home Care Summit: "we don't believe it" says the Saga generation

More than 2,000 people have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's since senior politicians burst into bickering over a date for a crucial summit on care funding for elderly people in England.

Saga's Respite for Carers Trust says 500 people a day are diagnosed as having the condition - but that also means at least 500 families a day are being impacted by the parties' petty politics.

"We're anxious to make something happen, so we'll arrange anything and everything to bring these politicians together in one place at one time - we'll book the hotel, host the conference and cover the cost of tea and biscuits. Carers deserve our unequivocal support.

"Every day these politicians delay discussing home care for older people they're extending the stress and challenge carers endure."

Saga, the over-50s specialist lifestyle, holidays and personal finance business, is writing ear-clipping letters to Health Secretary Andy Burnham and his Tory and Lib Dem shadows - Andrew Lansley and Norman Lamb - in a bid to get things moving.

"They keep telling the Saga Generation how they want to help them and their carers. How to deliver and pay for proper care is one of the biggest issues facing modern Britain. It was identified in the recent Saga Generation Manifesto as a key issue for the over-50s - a group who will be the majority of the people voting at the General Election," said Paul Green.

"Saga wants to help re-start the cross-party talks on a joint approach to social care and we are offering to organise their meeting - and we can also chip in with some leading care professionals on hand to help advise. This event could be at a venue of their choice in London, or if they need to get right out of the Westminster bubble we could even fly them to St Lucia to use the conference facilities at a Saga-owned hotel. Is our exasperation quite clear enough?

"Mr Lansley was right to start the talks. It was a fantastic and brave idea to try for a tri-partite approach, and he was right to say 'Frankly, with less than three months to go to an election, the public have a right for there to be a serious debate about how the future reform of social care is to be funded.'

"It's unbelievable that all three parties DID open talks, only for it all to disintegrate into playground politicking - if ever there was an example of where politics has gone wrong, this was it."


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