Britain's over 50s won't skimp on their holidays this year - just their luggage

Saturday 30 January 2010

Britain's over 50s won't skimp on their holidays this year - just their luggage

Saga Holidays survey reveals intentions to travel more…and travel light.

The insatiable appetite of the Saga Generation to continue travelling shows no sign of diminishing in 2010, with nearly half of today’s over 50’s (47%) claiming that going on more than one holiday is their simple travel resolution for this year.

But in a sign that the luggage-charging policies of airlines are beginning to bite, 20% of women (10% men) are determined to dump their bags - and take less luggage with them away on holiday.

The figures, from a new Saga Populus poll of over 14,000 people aged 50-plus also show that 13% of the older generation are up for trying something new such as trekking, cruising or walking breaks. This comes as no surprise to Saga as the company has seen a huge increase in more adventurous holidays being taken by its customers.

Never to fly Ryanair again” was the forthright view of over one in ten declaring this as a travel resolution. In what will be a relief for the troubled airline industry, one in ten aspirational travellers say they are determined to fly business class rather than economy in 2010.

Canada tops the list of destinations the over 50s would most like to have visited by 2020. 47% put it at the top of places to visit, with 28% saying they will have actually achieved this by then. Next on the wish list comes South Africa, at 36%, with nearly one in five saying a visit to Japan is a must-do.

Closer to home, Spain remains the most popular European destination, with 31% saying they would like to go there by 2020, with Madeira (30%) and Malta (25%) close on its heels.

Unsurprisingly Iraq remains low on the radar with only 2% saying they would like to visit the birthplace of civilisation and ancient city of Babylon. A decade earlier, Vietnam and Cambodia, ranked low in the opinions although have seen phenomenal growth recently.

Having a great holiday remains the most important part of the travel planning process, whilst only 6% resolve to take an environmentally conscious holiday this year. The “staycation” may also have had its day, with the same percentage (13%) planning to “travel less frequently and stay closer to home” as those who are planning to do precisely the opposite, “travel more often and further away in 2010”.

Andrew Goodsell, Executive Chairman of Saga Holidays commented: “Travel remains one of the key aspirations for the over-50s who want to see the world properly. The current economic climate has not impaired the thirst to visit destinations and experience new cultures. Travelling continues to become ever more important and this survey gives every indication of this desire continuing.”


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Populus received 14,178 responses from adults aged 50 and over to its online poll for SAGA between 17th and 22nd December 2009. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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