Its snow problem for Saga Cruises

Friday 8 January 2010

Its snow problem for Saga Cruises

This week’s arctic conditions meant that the journeys to and from Southampton for over 1,200 Saga cruise passengers had to be re-planned. This was to ensure that all those leaving the Saga Ruby after the Christmas cruise could get home safely; and, all those joining the ship for the fabulous 103 night round-the-world cruise, for which people paid between £11,000 and £50,000, were able to get to Southampton.

Saga spokesman, Paul Green said: “We were determined that the bad weather should not get in the way of our customers enjoying their holiday of a lifetime. We had to re-make over £1,200 travel plans to make allowances for the different weather conditions across the country. People were joining Saga Ruby from right across the UK – by airplane and by car. The farthest a chauffeur brought a passenger was from Kirkcaldy.

But the most determined of all was the ship’s Captain Philip Rentell, who had to abandon his hire car in the West Country in favour of a commandeered 4x4 to make his way to the ship.

We brought forward the delivery of supplies to Southampton in anticipation of the weather – but loading the ship presented some new challenges – normally frozen goods like ice cream are rushed into the stores first of all – but with it being minus 6 degrees on the quayside we had to get the fresh fish and the orchids for the tables on first for fear of them freezing.

It is a tribute to the many people who worked round the clock to ensure that all the passengers heading off on the round the world cruise made it to the ship - the last passenger boarding at 8.30pm – just in time for the 9.15 sail away.

When Saga Ruby sailed on Thursday evening it was a crystal clear night and the departing fiirework display was spectacular reflected as it was in the still water which brought a big round of applause from the passengers onboard as they set off.”


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