Comment on Personal Health Budgets - Emma Soames, Saga.

Monday 28 June 2010

Comment on Personal Health Budgets - Emma Soames, Saga.

“It’s bad enough suffering from a chronic condition without the added hassle of layers of red tape and having to coerce or coax Primary Care Trusts into providing it,” said Emma Soames, editor-at-large of Saga magazine.

“Nobody knows better about managing their health than the patient with a long-term chronic condition. We welcome the rollout of personal budgets to those eight PCTs - this will give older people control over managing their health, a much underrated self-administered power.

“We must not forget carers either – there will be huge and positive implications for the nation’s carers. Personal budgets will allow carers to raise their support levels even further, but may also prove to be life-changers in terms of them finally being able to afford hugely-deserved respite breaks.”


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