Over 50s love a driving gadget, but keep within the law

Monday 14 June 2010

Over 50s love a driving gadget, but keep within the law

  • Sat navs most popular gadget for an improved drive
  • Over 50s much less likely to use a mobile phone behind the wheel

Technology savvy over 50s use driving gadgets to improve their experience behind the wheel, research* by Saga Motor Insurance has discovered. Far from being afraid of trying out new gadgets, the baby boomer generation believe they help them to be better drivers.

As you would expect from the safest group of drivers on the road, the over 50s tend only to value gadgets that improve their safety or enhance their driving experience such as Sat Nav systems (32%) and cruise control (20%) and are much less likely than younger motorists to have distracting devices such as Ipods and Blackberries or Smartphones in the car with them.

Over 50s also prove to be the most responsible when it comes to using hand held mobiles in the car.** Just one in ten (12%) of the over 50s say they have used a handheld mobile while driving since it became illegal in 2003, this is compared to over a quarter (28%) of those under 50 and a third (33%) of 18-34 year olds. What is perhaps even more worrying is the 22% of 18-34s who text while driving and 2% of all motorists who admit to emailing behind the wheel.

The survey has also found that some drivers find gadgets designed to aid driving a distraction. A third of all drivers (31%) said they find hands free mobile technology distracting and 35% also said sat nav systems were off-putting.

Andrew Goodsell, Executive Chairman Saga Group, said “Installing high-tech gadgets, or leaving personal possessions such as mobiles and laptops in the car is an attraction to thieves, so we are urging people to make sure they keep high value items out of sight and to check they have adequate insurance cover.”

Saga Motor Insurance offers £1,000 of cover for personal belongings as standard, more than most other insurers.


Editors notes:

*Research carried out online for Saga by Opinium on 2,006 British adults from 1st to 3rd July 2009

** Research carried out online for Saga by Opinium amongst 2,010 British adults from 4th to 7th May 2010

Top helpful in-car gadgets amongst all UK motorists

1. Sat nav = 57%

2. Automated parking assistance = 23%

3. Radio controls on steering wheel = 21%

4. Cruise Control = 15%

5. Rear view camera = 14%

Top distracting in-car gadgets amongst all UK motorists

1. Mobile phone = 86%

2. Blackberry = 78%

3. Laptop = 77%

4. iPod= 56%

5. DVD = 48%

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