Joined up thinking is needed when it comes to solving the care funding crisis

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Joined up thinking is needed when it comes to solving the care funding crisis

Commenting on the report by the Centre for Social Justice saying the collapse of families was having a "ripple effect" throughout society which was now hitting the elderly, Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga, said:

"The fewer family members that are willing to provide care, the greater the cost to the State in future. Care funding could be a bigger crisis than pensions in the future. This report from the Centre for Social Justice once again points to the need for Government to treat care funding provision as a top priority. Having ignored the pensions crisis as it developed over the past few decades, it is essential that this Government tackles the care funding deficit as soon as possible. With fewer family members caring for older relatives, there will be much greater calls on the state to help with care. This can provide tremendous work opportunities for younger citizens and it can help provide employment in future.

"Unfortunately, the Government has in the past ignored the scale of costs involved here. Indeed, up to now, the Treasury's forecasts of the costs of an ageing population have not factored in the costs of making up for care that used to be provided by families. What we really need is for more joined up thinking in this debate. At the moment, the costs of social care fall in the DWPs budget, while the costs of nursing or medical care fall in the Department of Health and NHS budgets. Bringing these together could make a significant difference to ongoing funding."


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