Many "resentful" under 24s wouldn't have work without older colleagues.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Many "resentful" under 24s wouldn't have work without older colleagues.

Commenting on research by care provider Anchor that revealed more than 40% of 18-24s resented older people staying in work, Emma Soames, Editor-at-Large of Saga Magazine and over 50s champion, said: “Young people perhaps underestimate the contribution of older people in the workplace. People notice fuss or flurries of activity around workplace decision-making, usually involving the less-experienced who will often ultimately ask an older person for advice anyway.

“But older people have the life and work experience to make business or work decisions more calmly, and consequently faster, simply because they’ve been there before.

“It’s therefore ironic that some of the most important workplace decisions, quietly and decisively made by older people at all levels, have and do create and maintain jobs for the younger generations.”


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