Top UK stylist Errol Douglas partners with Saga Travel to provide hot hair tips in all climates

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Top UK stylist Errol Douglas partners with Saga Travel to provide hot hair tips in all climates

Saga Travel, the UK’s leading travel company specialising in over 50s, has teamed up with top UK Stylist, Errol Douglas, to educate the hairdressing community on the over 50s lifestyle, after a survey revealed that this age group represents over half the clientele of the majority of salons.

The same survey revealed that 73% of hairdressers were keen to receive expert advice on destinations such as Botswana, Madagascar, Bhutan, St Lucia, India and Sri Lanka, just some of the increasingly popular trips available at Saga Travel.

Furthermore, 82% of hairdressers surveyed admitted that they had no idea just how high the disposable income level of over 50s was, and as such felt they were missing a business opportunity by not taking the times to get to know this large part of their clientele better.

Errol has matched top holiday hair tips to the hottest, driest, most tropical and humid of the destinations popular among popular among Saga Travel clients. Here he shares his top tips for perfect “holiday hair”;

· Before travelling, if you are going to have a colour, do it at least two weeks before leaving. The sun naturally “lift’s the colour” leaving it looking washed out.

· Swimming in the sea is often what makes a holiday, but the combination of sea salt and UVA is recipe for bad holiday hair – tie it back and use a protective spray. You can also pick up a product from your stylist of high street shops to stop chlorine build-up in hair from swimming pools.

· If going into the sun, if you have long hair, ask your stylist so show you how to plait it or put into a bun, perfect for showing off a healthy tan.

· Be careful of sand, it’s corrosive, and for anyone with an issue with his or her scalp, will make it much worse.

· For tropical and humid destinations, there are lots of products on the market that can prevent hair from frizzing and adds weight in hair that can help combat humidity. Pack them – it's your passport to evening glam!

The survival kit for great holiday hair includes:

A good comb and a big toothcomb

A great shampoo and conditioner (don’t use the ones provided at the hotel), which have UVA component

A mousse or oil to combat a drying atmosphere

A cool Alice band – simple but a pretty dramatic look changer

A scarf – covers a multitude of sea, sun and sand hair challenges – in an old school glamour moment

A Foldable hat –see above

Susan Hooper, CEO of Saga Holidays, said “ Saga Travel consistently wins awards for our ability to listen to our customers and deliver unexpected destinations with unrivalled service. With such a high percentage of the over 50s talking to their hairdressers about holidays, we’ve partnered with Errol to help the hairdressing community better understand where these customers are going and what they want, particularly smashing some very old ideas - it’s Borneo not Bournemouth, for starters!”

Errol Douglas MBE added “ It’s been great working with Saga Travel to spread the word about the exotic destinations a large portion of over 50s are discovering, including many of my own clientele. It’s important that the community don’t miss great business opportunities with out dated views of what their over 50s clients are doing – on holiday and in life generally. Tips from myself and from the guys at Saga Travel have proved to be a real eye opener for them”

Saga Travel continues to add to its exotic destinations with new adventures for 2012 including: India and Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, Madagascar, Vietnam and Cuba.


For further information on this survey, including regional variance enquiries:

Carl Catterall, Travel PR Manager, /Tel: 01303 771118

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Saga Travel will also become the first travel brand to sponsor a service-oriented award at the prestigious Hairdressers’ Journal Business Awards on September 12th this year, honouring the “best front of house team”.

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