Wednesday 14 December 2011


Do you know your ding from your bling? Your butterz from your crutterz? In the eyes of a teen, are you ream or radio? Ever wondered what LOL actually means?

Well, wonder no more. Over-50s group Saga has come to the rescue with an app that translates hundreds of slang words and phrases used by teens. So now you’ll actually be able to understand what your children and grandchildren are on about.

Named ‘Woteva’ (a favourite amongst the teen species), the app enables users to search or scroll through a dictionary of 500 words and their meanings. An audio function speaks aloud many of the words, enunciated in perfect RP to ease the translation process. Propa bo.

Plus, users can share the app with their frenz (or bluds, if you will) by texting, emailing or posting their favourite words to Facebook and Twitter. Although please note, this may cause extreme embarrassment to your offspring. In their eyes, this would most probably not be nang (look it up). So, why not humiliate them further and upload your own words to the app, via the ‘submit an entry’ function?

Download the Woteva app on your iPhone today to find out what makes it so awesome/radicoli/dark (OK, OK, we’re just showing off). It’s FREE too so you don’t need to part with any moolah (OK, we’ll stop now). 

Our 10 faves

  • Dissociative Facebook identity disorder - Someone whose Facebook image and real life image is completely at odds
  • Geekstress - A female geek. These can be very intimidating to teenage boys, especially attractive ones
  • Googleheimer's disease - You know what you want to search for on Google, but by the time you reach your computer you have completely forgotten what it was. Who are you again?
  • Hiberdating - Someone who suddenly drops all their other friends when they start dating
  • Hot mess - Someone who is flustered, dishevelled and maybe short of time but radiates a certain sensuality
  • Meaty - Good. “That track is meaty, dude.”  Seldom applied to vegetarian dishes, however tasty – teens don't tend to do irony
  • Powerpuff presentation - A presentation that is full of animation and fancy graphics but completely devoid of any substance
  • Premake - The original version of a song that a modern band has remade or redone. The teen will often doubt the existence of the premake
  • Screen saver - The blank and sometimes blissful expression that sometimes comes across a person's face when daydreaming
  • Woteva - Whatever – a catch-all phrase often signifying reluctant agreement


 - ENDS -


Saga’s Woteva app is available on the iPhone FREE.

Users can: Search or scroll through an A-Z of 500 words, listen to audio for some words, submit their own word and share words via text, email, Facebook and Twitter.

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