Heels get hearts racing

Saturday 8 January 2011

Heels get hearts racing

72% of women over 50 still wear high heels. According to our customers in a recent Saga Populus survey 42% of women under 70 still wear high heels regularly and a further 30% get them out for special occasions. 4,400 women took part in the survey.

Emma Soames, editor at large of Saga Magazine says “ The boundaries of ageing have changed beyond all recognition. The sensible flat shoe is no longer the footwear of choice by older women who still like to dress fashionably and smartly until well into their seventies.”

“Older role models like Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda are not so much leading a trend but reflecting the style that older women like to project. High heels are just part of the package.”

However few older women attempt the very high platforms that went down the catwalk last season. Among those who wear high heels, the most popular type is the court shoe (73%) followed by kitten heels (30%). 10% of older women wear stilettos but only 2% wear super-high heels. 4,400 women took part in the survey which showed a majority of women under 65 still preferring to wear heels.


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