Measuring National Wellbeing

Monday 25 July 2011

Measuring National Wellbeing

Commenting on the release by ONS of the report ‘Measuring National Wellbeing’, Dr. Ros Altmann, Saga’s Director-General, said:

“We welcome today’s announcement that the Government, through the Office of National Statistics, has put in place a framework for measuring national wellbeing. Saga has already recognised the importance of looking at non-economic factors with its Quality of Life Index measuring happiness, health, and standard of living for the over 50s.

“We urge the Government to focus on ensuring that its measures are relevant to all age groups, including the older groups such as the retired, where job satisfaction, education and training are obviously far less relevant.

“We also believe it is important to look at the change over time in the nation's well-being, rather than just an absolute level, in order to make these measures meaningful. In Saga’s latest quarterly analysis, we are seeing that happiness among the over 50s was reasonably steady relative to a year ago in the six months to end March, but between March and June, the over 50s report being less happy than a year ago, which reflects their worries about their standard of living and sharp price rises. Thus, economic indicators needs to be considered alongside other measures as they do interact.

“Saga will continue to monitor and refine its own measures of well-being of the over 50s, as we are concerned that policymakers often overlook this important part of the population.”


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