Saga Magazine - ‘appy days

Monday 27 June 2011

Saga Magazine - ‘appy days

July sees the launch of a new app and a new look to Saga Magazine.

Saga – which is focused on providing services for people aged 50 and over - is celebrating its 60th anniversary by giving Saga Magazine a brighter, more contemporary new design and feel. And now it comes with its own app: so for £1.79 the magazine can be read on an iPhone or iPad.

It’s more evidence of the maxim that fifty is the new thirty: Saga’s own website has shown a big increase in people using mobile devices to access the site: some 10,000 sessions in April from iPhones, nearly 6,000 from iPads – and the figures are growing fast.

A Saga-Populus Poll of 11,289 Saga customers found that 21 per cent owned a smart phone and 5 per cent a tablet device. Of those with a smart phone, 67% use it to access the internet, 39% have downloaded Apps, whilst 76% of tablet owners use it for surfing the web and 60% have downloaded Apps. Of those Saga customers who do not own a mobile device, 10% expect to buy one or receive one as a present this year.

Katy Bravery, editor, Saga Magazine commented: “People over 50 have taken up iPad usage avidly and I hope they are going to find both the brighter magazine and the app a lot of fun. There are more evolutions in the pipeline, too.

“Judging from both formal research – and my post bag - the kind of readers we have are all well ahead of the game and have evolved with the times: we have to keep up with them and their demands.

“They seem to appreciate our intelligent, accessible magazine and its unusual range of great writing and valuable information. So I hope they will like it even more in its new guises.”

Rupert Miles, Managing Director, Saga Publishing said: “Saga Magazine regularly researches the habits and interests of its readers to ensure the title continues to appeal and excite.

“These improvements have been in the pipeline for some time and derive from extensive research and our understanding of what readers want. Current and prospective readers have told us the new format is more inviting and appealing and we hope they love it.”

The masthead of the July Saga magazine will also carry the first glimpse of the Saga Group’s new logo, which has not changed since 1977: the new logo reflects the more dynamic nature of today’s over 50s.


Saga Magazine is the UK’s biggest-selling monthly subscription title, with around 627,000 subscribers (ABC July – Dec 10) and some 1.5 million readers. (NRS July – Dec 10).

It has informed, reflected and fuelled the many social changes in the world of people over 50 in its long history. The Magazine started life as a newsletter in 1966 and was turned into a colour magazine in 1984.

For the technically minded: The magazine is now being printed using the web-offset process rather than gravure, has whiter paper, a new typeface ‘suitcase’ and a lower percentage of adverts to editorial pages – all representing a large investment in the title at a time when other publishing houses are contracting.

Populus interviewed 11,289 Saga customers, all aged 50+, on-line between 13th and 20th May 2011.Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules, for more information see

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