Southern Cross talks: It's not just about the rent, it's about the residents

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Southern Cross talks: It's not just about the rent, it's about the residents

Commenting on the Southern Cross care homes crisis, Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga, the over-50s organisation, said:

“There are lots of discussions today about Southern Cross, but the vast majority of talk is about money-related issues. They’re missing the most important point: which is the wellbeing of the residents, their families - and the staff.

“Giving false reassurances to families and key workers is unacceptable; nobody involved in the talks has any clarity or certainty about the future, yet we are being told residents need not worry.  

"These are people, not boxes in a warehouse; they and their families are having more pressure and concern heaped upon them at a time when the care environment as a whole is in alarming disarray.

"We’ve heard about rents and tax bills, but there's simply no clarity or certainty on the issue of just how safe and secure Southern Cross care home residents are, consequently causing deep concern amongst their families.

"And another key issue that seems not to have been addressed is the point that staff too are facing uncertainty - what happens if Southern Cross staff decide enough is enough, and start to look for work elsewhere? We should all be concerned about what hardships might arise for the incredibly vulnerable residents of Southern Cross homes if staff do start to move on.”


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