Being 50 video challenge - 10,000 prize to change perceptions of over 50s

Wednesday 21 March 2007

Being 50 video challenge - 10,000 prize to change perceptions of over 50s


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Change perceptions of over 50s in 120 seconds and a budding video-maker could win £10,000.

There are 21 million over-50s in the UK, and the aim is to create influential videos about life at 50 and beyond, to strengthen understanding between generations, change how people think, and encourage positive attitudes.

“We're looking for two minute videos on the theme of what it means to be 50, that challenge perceptions,” said Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga.

The video challenge follows independent research commissioned by Saga, which shows that oldies believe younger people pigeonhole them as grumpy and past-it - even though younger people often have far more positive attitudes to older people.

Saga's research compares what 18-24s think of over-50s with what older people believe younger people think, and it is clear that there is much misperception.

“The overall messages in the TV programme, Grumpy Old Men and Victor Meldrew, do not accurately represent what younger people really think of being over 50.” said Dr Altmann.

“67% of over-50s believe 18-24s perceive them as ‘past it’, but the reality is that only 18% of 18 -24s think that.

Age groups do have very different views about reaching a 50th birthday and whether this makes you 'old'.

39% of 18-24s say 50 seems old, but only 8% of over-50s agree.

60% of over-50s say 50 is ‘just another birthday’, compared to only 16% of younger people.

The competition is open to anybody over the age of 16 who lives or studies in the UK. For example, you may be younger than 50: As you think about the future, what do you hope life will be like when you turn 50? What are you looking forward to? You may be older than 50: in a similar way, put yourself in the shoes of someone around 25 today, and think about their world when they will be 50.

Click here to visit the official YouTube Being 50 competition page.

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Note 1 The research was conducted by YouGov for Saga, sampling 1,148 UK adults on February 22 and 23, 2011.

Note 2 Regardless of the age of respondents to the survey – whether 18 or 80 – 58% considered younger people think 50 is old.

Note 3 29% of 18-24s consider the over 50's are friendly, but only 11% of older people think the younger ones feel that.

Note 4 42% of 18-24s perceive oldies as being knowledgeable, but just 17% of over-50s think younger people consider them to be fonts of knowledge.

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