Saga comments on Which? report exposing insurers' "ageist" attitudes

Monday 23 May 2011

Saga comments on Which? report exposing insurers' "ageist" attitudes

Travel insurance must be made available for older people to enjoy travelling at any age - Saga never uses age as a barrier to insurance.

Responding to a Which? report which said pensioners face a struggle to get travel insurance - with 25% of insurers refusing to cover people who are over 65 - Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of over 50s lifestyle group Saga, said:

“We believe the over 65s should not be denied travel insurance on the grounds of their age. Such ageist attitudes are often a product of sheer ignorance. Saga knows that older people have never been more adventurous, never been fitter, and are no more or less likely to make an insurance claim than somebody half their age. Our customers enjoy adventurous holidays in good health and with the peace of mind of insurance cover too.

“What makes 25% of insurers believe that at 64 years of age somebody is a reasonable insurance risk, and at 65 they’re uninsurable? If insurers are refusing to cover the over 65s, they are missing a business opportunity. Saga is happy to provide travel insurance, without using age as a barrier, and our customers can enjoy great cover and peace of mind for their travel, at all ages.

“We routinely provide cover for people in their 80s and 90s, and we didn’t hesitate to provide cover for a mature and adventurous lady who went to Italy to celebrate her 100th birthday.


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