Monday 20 August 2012

• Half of caravanners see increase in requests to borrow their caravan • UK campsites and music festivals are favourite caravanning destinations • Tech savvy travellers pack their caravan out with entertainment gadgets


Research by Saga Caravan Insurance shows that half of caravan owners report they have seen an increase in the number of people asking them to lend them their caravan this year, perhaps because the on-going economic situation has resulted in people tightening their belts when it comes to holiday spending.

Caravanners appear to be very generous with their pride and joy as almost half (44%) already lend their caravan to others and another third (31%) say they would consider doing so.  Friends appear to be the most popular group that people would lend their caravan to (80%), followed by parents (59%) and siblings (49%) a very kind spirited 6% would even lend their caravan to a complete stranger!

The over 50s though are much more protective of their caravans, 55% say they would not lend their caravan to anyone and those that would are much more cautious about who they would lend to.  Two thirds (67%) would lend to children and half (50%) to friends, however just 12% of over 50s would lend their caravan to a neighbour compared to 24% of under 50s.

When it comes to caravanning destinations, the most popular is unsurprisingly UK caravan sites, however caravanners do also tend to use their caravans to access a range of interesting hobbies.  The second most popular place they take their caravans is to music festivals (35%), a third (34%) use them to take days out such as to car or dog shows or to the beach and more than a quarter (28%) use them to go to sporting events.

Clearly entertainment is key for tech savvy caravanners, they pack their vans full of gadgets to keep them occupied while they are away.  Understandably mobile phones, digital cameras and sat nav systems are popular, but 58% take a laptop, 40% an ipod, and a third take the following; tablet computer (33%), portable dvd player (32%) and a Kindle (29%). More than one in four also pack a portable gaming device (27%) to while away the hours.

Commenting on the research, Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Services said: “Caravanners do appear to be a generous bunch, however with all that gadgetry on board they would be wise to ensure that they have sufficient insurance cover so they can quickly replace any lost or stolen items.”

With Saga Caravan Insurance cover is included for caravans and camping equipment when people lend their caravan to friends and family, meaning they don’t have to worry about something happening when others are out and about in their van.  Saga also offer 12 years 'New for old' cover**, cover for vandalism without affecting your No Claim Discount and cover in the European Union for an unlimited period as standard with its Gold cover level (optional with Silver cover). 


Notes for editors:

* Research conducted on behalf of Saga Caravan Insurance by Opinion Matters between 3rd -13th August 2012 amongst 1,038 UK adults who are mobile/towing caravan holders.
** Up to 12 years 'New for old' cover - available if caravans are insured with Saga for their full replacement value within five years of manufacture

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