Friday 14 December 2012

Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's suggestion that England should have an pensioners' tsar:



"Older people have suffered at the hands of policymakers in recent years - from failings in our social care system, the negative effects of QE on their pensions and the disproportionate impact inflation and low interest rates has had on their income and savings. It certainly makes sense, therefore, to introduce some kind of role which champions this group and looks at their interests across the board. This is, of course, a huge role spanning a range of Government departments.


"We should start thinking of our ageing population as an asset. Incredible advances in health and medical care mean that people are living longer and healthier lives and older people continue to contribute to our society in many different ways - whether it is using their skills in the workplace, supporting their families or through volunteering and caring for others. People simply cannot be considered 'past it' or 'over the hill' in their sixties, seventies or beyond anymore. We have record numbers of over 65s choosing to stay in employment - providing a boost to our economy and generating an income for themselves."



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