Monday 30 July 2012

NO WONDER THEY RESENT BEING CALLED ELDERLY Over 60s are fed up with being referred to as 'elderly' or 'old-age pensioners', according to research and Saga surveys. Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga comments:


"The truth is that people in their 60s and often in their 70s are not 'old' in any negative sense - in fact, they feel that their time of life is really positive.  Our research has shown that 90% of those in their 60s don't feel old, therefore it's time our attitudes changed.  Chronological age does not signify any definite traits, everyone ages differently and most of us are healthy and active as we get older.
''Life has moved on hugely, with people now living healthily and recovering fully from illnesses that would have disabled them in the past - that is a tremendous success.  Yet society still labels all people past a certain age as if they were unfit and unable to participate in life like those in their younger  years.  This is simply not correct any more. They are not on any 'scrap-heap' are not 'past it' (whatever 'it' is) and are usually still healthy, active and have many more years of life to look forward to. 

"They don't want or deserve to be written off as 'elderly' or 'old-age pensioners' as if their lives are over.  If one does have to give them a label, they much prefer to be called 'seniors', or 'older generations', without the negative connotations of 'elderly' and 'old-age pensioner' which certainly don't reflect the reality of modern day sixty-somethings or seventy-somethings."


Populus interviewed 10,322 Saga customers, all aged 50+, online between 16th and 21st December 2011.

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