Monday 11 June 2012

Following research released today from The British Red Cross revealing that older people are being put at risk because of cuts to home-based care, Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga comments on the vital need for more funding for the social care system:


“Elderly people are being let down by the delays to social care reform as more evidence emerges of how they are not getting adequate care and are too often feeling isolated as a result. The numbers needing care are growing rapidly and the impact of not addressing the care funding issue, or only making short sighted savings in this area, could ultimately irreparably damage the NHS. Without sufficient social care, more people will require medical care as the number of older people rise sharply and our NHS will not survive this strain.

"There has been an overwhelming response from charities, companies and other stakeholders urging the Government to address the issues with our social care system. As the UK's largest provider of homecare, we would like to help address this problem immediately and get a system in place which provides a fair balance between people saving and helping themselves and getting help from the state to ensure quality care for all. We are expecting a White Paper that will address the issues of social care funding but this still hasn’t surfaced and the Red Cross research goes one step further to demonstrate why delays to social care reform simply cannot wait.”

Care organisations unite to call for urgent reforms to care
Saga is part of an alliance with other major organisations involved in providing, commissioning and using care, calling for urgent and significant reform of the country's current unfair system.

The six point plan summary agreed by these organisations was as follows:
We need:
1. A new national system for social care
2. National provision of information and advice
3. Extra funding for the care system
4. To ensure that additional funding intended for adult social care is spent on adult social care.
5. Government to clarify what responsibility individuals have for social care needs - in a Dilnot-style partnership approach.
6. We must act now! 

The organisations involved are Saga, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, Baroness Greengross, English Community Care Association, Four Seasons Health Care, Jewish Care, International Longevity Centre, Shared Lives, The Stroke Association and United Kingdom Homecare Association.


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