Monday 4 June 2012

• Grandparents at the hub of family parties • More than two thirds of over 50s hold parties at their home • One in five grandparents attended up to 10 family parties in the last year


Research by Saga Home Insurance indicates that grandparents seem to be the hosts with the most when it comes to family parties.  66% of grandparents host general family get-togethers, 42% host family birthdays and 42% also say their home is the venue for the family Christmas celebrations.

All this means that grandparents are the true party people, attending more parties each year than the rest of the over 50s.  Two thirds (65%) of over 50s say they attend 1-5 parties a year however a fifth of grandparents (18%) say they attend up to 10 family functions. 

Regionally it is those in the South East (75%) who host the most parties overall, although the Scots are most likely to Hogmanay at home, with 21% saying they are the ones who will host New Year’s celebrations.

Commenting on the research, Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Services, said: ”Nan and Grandad’s appears to be the place to be for a family knees up, however grandparents also tend to be the family members with the bigger and more expensive collections of ornaments and furniture, therefore revellers ought to take care before conga-ing around the front room.”

Other reasons the over 50s throw parties are to celebrate their own birthday, wedding anniversaries, reunions and wedding receptions.

Saga Home Insurance increases contents cover by 20% in the run up to a family wedding** and by 10%*** at Christmas and other religious festivals to allow for additional items in the home.  Saga’s cover plus policy also offers new for old cover on contents that cannot be repaired – this includes household linen.  The cover plus policy also offers cover for matching pairs and sets, so if one part of a three piece suite is damaged by a wine spill and a replacement cannot be found, Saga will replace the whole suite.

Saga offers the following tips to prevent party accidents from ruining prized possessions:

• Always ensure you have a domestic spotting kit including neutralising solution (distilled white vinegar) and neutral liquid detergent.
• Do not put hot items straight onto a wooden surface as this damages the polish and marks the finish.
• For stains/spillages on carpet soak up worst of stain with paper towel, then cover with thick layer of talc (or French chalk as it's otherwise known), leave overnight then vacuum away the next day.
• For stains/spillages on fabric upholstery, follow the instructions above - blot & talc
• For stains/spillages on leather upholstery - attempt to remove the stain with a dry cloth, never use detergent when cleaning leather.



Notes to editors:
*Research conducted by the SagaPopulus panel amongst 8659 over 50s between 11th-21st  May 2012.
**Person getting married must reside at the insured address.
*** 20% under Saga’s cover plus policy

*Research conducted by the SagaPopulus panel amongst 8659 over 50s between 11th-21st  May 2012.**Person getting married must reside at the insured address.*** 20% under Saga’s cover plus policy.


About Saga Home Insurance
• Saga Home Insurance is designed for the over 50s and provides:
• Up to a 25% discount when people buy a combined buildings and contents policy online **
• Up to £500,000 buildings and up to £50,000 contents cover as standard
• Higher levels of cover available through the Saga Home Insurance TailorMade policy
• New for old replacement of contents
• Full protection when home is unoccupied for up to 60 days in a row.
** 70% of people taking buildings and contents cover would have received an introductory, combined and online discount of at least 25%. Saga survey of new business January 2012.

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