Monday 11 June 2012

• Fathers on average give 2.5 days a month to their children • DIY tops list of tasks dads are called on to help with • Women much more likely to call on fathers for help • Londoners most dependent on their dads


No matter how old their children get, dads are still a cherished source of practical help and advice according to research by Saga Home Emergency.**  On average fathers spend two and a half days a month helping out or advising their adult children on a variety of practical issues.

The most popular reason people call on their fathers is to help with DIY, with almost half (46%) of children asking for help with this. 42% get their father’s help with a home emergency and 40% get financial help or advice from their dads.

Whilst those aged 18-24 appear to be the most reliant on their fathers with around two thirds seeking help and advice on a broad range of topics, surprisingly around half of those aged 35-44 are still regularly turning to dad for help.  Even when their children reach their 50s, a third of fathers are still asked for help with DIY, money matters and home emergencies and one in five are asked for help with car maintenance.

It appears that younger generations are simply not as practical as their fathers as half of women (49%) and 43% of men get DIY help and 45% of women and 40% of men ring their dads for help in a home emergency.

The figures show that British women are true daddy’s girls as they are more likely than men to get help and advice from their dad. On average women get three days and men two days of help a month from their fathers, when multiplied by the average male salary, this equates to £3,387 a year.  The most popular topic that women call on their fathers to help with is their finances, 43% of all women seek help with this compared to 36% of men.

Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Services, commented:” It seems that fathers up and down the country are regularly relied upon to give a helping hand. Of course dads are keen to help, but some are better at DIY than others, so for those trickier jobs that could have serious consequences if they go wrong it might be best to leave them to the experts!”

Interestingly fathers are also a valued source of advice about relationships. A fifth (18%) said their dads had given them priceless advice on the opposite sex, with 23% of people from the North East agreeing.

One in three women (29%) felt the most important advice that their dads had given them was on finances, while 28% of men said the best advice they had from their dad was regarding work and careers.

When things go wrong on the road, again it is fathers that people turn to for help. A third  (35%) of men and 42% of women get help with car maintenance and breakdown, People from Wales (45%) are the most likely to ask for help with motoring issues.

Of all the regions, Londoners are much more dependent on their fathers with half calling them for help with money matters, home emergencies and DIY problems and two fifths asking for help with car related problems.

Roger Ramsden concluded: “Perhaps if an emergency should arise on Father’s Day children will remember to give their dad a break and call out an expert.  At the very least they should pop round to make their dad a well-earned cup of tea!”



Notes to editors
*The average male annual salary is £30,724 according to, assuming people work 250 days a year this equates to earnings of £122.90 a day.  The average father spends 2.5 days a month helping children, this equates to £282.25 a month and £3387 a year.
**Research carried out by Populus on behalf of Saga amongst 2036 adults between 1st and 3rd June 2012

All who said they would be likely to turn to their father to help with the following

  Scotland  North East  North West  Yorks & Humber  W Midlands  E Midlands
 Money matters 42%  36%  38%  33%  41%  40%
 DIY and maintenance  46%  48%  44%  44%  45% 46%
 Home emergency  44%  42%  39%  42%  41% 42%
 Car breakdown  39%  39%  39%  34%  40% 39%
 Car maintenance  36%  37%  39%  33%  36% 41%


 Wales East  London  South East  South West 
Money matters 43%  40%  48%  37%  36% 
DIY and maintenance  46%  44%  49%  49%  44%
Home emergency  44%  39%  52%  41%  37%
Car breakdown  45%  39%  41%  41%  35%
Car maintenance  44%  37%  43%  37%  34%


All who said they would be likely to turn to their father to help with the following

  Male  Female 
 Money matters 36%  43% 
 DIY and maintenance  43%  49%
 Home emergency  40%  44%
 Car breakdown  36%  42%
 Car maintenance  35%  41%


All who said they would be likely to turn to their father for help with the following

  18 - 24  25-34  35-44  45-54  55-64  65+
Money matters  59%  56%  44%   34% 32%  22%
 DIY and maintenance  63%  61%  54%  39%  37% 29%
 Home emergency  60%  57%  49%  36%  35% 25%
 Car breakdown  67%  58%  47%  29%  29% 17%
 Car maintenance  68%  57%  47%  27%  27% 16%


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