Tuesday 15 May 2012

• One in twelve over 50s is a victim of garden theft • Average garden claim worth £620


At a time when there are suggestions about older homeowners downsizing it appears that while our homes may be more than just bricks and mortar, it’s actually the garden that makes a house a home for today’s over 50s with 44%* citing the garden as one of its most important features. However, our horticultural havens can easily turn into a source of stress. One in twelve (8%)* over 50s have had items stolen from their garden and Saga Home Insurance’s own claims analysis shows that the average cost to replace stolen or damaged items is £620.

Gardens are hugely important to Britain’s over 50s with one in eight (13%)* stating they would not consider moving because of their garden. Half say their garden is where they relax (48%)* and a fifth (18%)* feel that their garden is an escape from the world.

Two thirds** (67%) of all UK adults say they keep items ranging from barbecues and water features to a myriad of ornamental animals, pixies and gnomes in their garden and this figure increases to 78% for the over 50s. A quarter (24%) of gardeners over the age of 50 say they have over £250 worth of these items alone in their gardens.

Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Services, commented: “People enjoy creating their perfect garden, often investing a great deal of time and money in doing so, and this is particularly prevalent in the over 50s. With the average garden insurance claim costing around £620 I would encourage keen gardeners to ensure they have the peace of mind of insurance cover for their precious garden possessions.”

Interesting facts about contents of British gardens:

• Garden gnomes cause particular conflict of opinion as 22% of people think they are fun but 40% find them tacky. Women are greater fans of the humble garden gnome (25% compared to 18% of men) and those in the North West and East Midlands are far more likely to own one (11%) than the national average (7%).

• People in the North East are twice as likely to have ornamental pixies and elves in their garden (13%) as the rest of the country (6%)

• The Welsh are partial to ornamental meerkats in their garden (11%) compared to the national average (4%)

• The over 50s are much more likely to have ornaments and features (78%) than younger age groups (54%) their favourites include bird baths (36%), water features (20%), animals (16%) and gnomes and fairies (9%)

• People in Yorkshire are four times as likely (13%) to have something stolen from their garden as those in the West Midlands (3%)


Notes to editors
*Research conducted by Populus amongst more than 10,000 over 50s as part of the monthly  Saga Populus panel survey during March 2012 and December 2011.
** research conducted by YouGov: amongst 2036 adults between 5th -10th April 2012
About Saga Garden Insurance
Saga’s garden cover is an add on to home insurance, it covers the following
Garden cover provides up to £1,500 towards replacing shrubs, trees and hedges and a further £2,000 by extending the cover to garden contents in the open under customer’s contents policies
We will also contribute up to £2,500 for professional garden-design fees and expenses incurred to return a customer’s garden to its former condition if damaged.

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