Monday 29 October 2012

• Over a quarter of people enjoy Halloween • More than two fifths dislike the fiendish festival • Northerners can’t get enough of ghosts, ghouls and goblins • Women are more keen to get involved than men


Love it or loathe it, Halloween splits British opinion, according to research from Saga Home Insurance.  Whilst over a quarter say they enjoy a bit of ghoulish fun, 43% say they dislike the fiendish festival, and yet despite this 46% say they actively do something to get involved, whether it's handing out sweets, carving pumpkins or simply watching a scary movie.

Key objections to Halloween are that it's too American (63%) or too commercial (77%), but this does not stop a third of us buying sweets to dish out to trick or treaters.  In fact, a fifth of those who say they don't like Halloween say they still buy treats to give out to ghoulish guests.

While it's true that Halloween is more popular amongst the young, half of 18-24s say they revel in the fun - older age groups are not to be found cowering behind the curtains at Halloween; a game 15% of over 50s say they enjoy the festival and a third still get involved, handing out sweets or carving pumpkins.

Some of the biggest differences of opinion when it comes to Halloween come across the regions; 40% of those in the north east enjoy it compared to just 15% of those in south west.  Whilst people from the East Midlands are the most likely to say they enjoy receiving trick or treaters (23%), it's people in the north west who are most likely to give out sweets (40%).  Trick or treaters in the south west are most likely to come home disappointed as just 23% of people there say they give out treats, the lowest in the country.

Mini witches and wizards should focus their attention on women if they want to bag the most bounty at Halloween, as they are much more keen to get involved than men. Over a third of women say they will give out sweets, compared to under a quarter of men.

Celebrating some holidays can be expensive but it seems that people can still enjoy Halloween on a tight budget. While half of adults plan to spend some money on Halloween this year, more than a quarter of people (27%) will spend under £10. However, on average those who are planning to actively take part in Halloween this year will spend around £19.33.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services, commented: "Halloween is clearly not to everyone's taste, however it can bring about a sense of neighbourliness, which I imagine is why so many people get involved even if they're not too keen on the festival itself."

Saga offers the following tips for those who don’t want to take part in Halloween this year:
1. Place a friendly sign in a window or on the front door so trick or treaters will know to move on to the next house.
2. Leave a pot of sweets by the front door so trick or treaters can help themselves to sweets and not disturb your evening.
3. Avoiding trick or treaters could be a good excuse to get out of the house and catch up with family or friends.

Saga Home Insurance can offer some peace of mind if trick or treaters get out of hand this Halloween. If spooky visitors take their tricks too far Saga customers are covered for any damage caused by malicious acts or vandalism.



Notes to Editors
• *Populus interviewed 2,041 adults online between 19th and 21st October 2012. 997 respondents were over 50. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

 Adults of all ages Overall  Most likely region  Least likely region 
Enjoy Halloween  27%
(Men 22%, Women 33%) 
 North East
South West
Do something to celebrate Halloween  49%
(Men 41%, Women 52%) 
North West
South West
Give trick or treaters sweets  31%
(Men 26%, Women 36%) 
 North West
 South West
 Carve pumpkins 16%
(Men 13%, Women 19%) 
North East
East Anglia and South West

Objections to Halloween   % 
Those who dislike Halloween  43% 
 Those who dislike Halloween but still do something to celebrate it 46% 
Those who dislike Halloween but still handout sweets  16% 
Those who think Halloween is too American  63% 
Those who think Halloween is too commercial  77% 

  % of over 50s 
Over 50s who enjoy Halloween  15% 
Over 50s who will do something to celebrate Halloween  33% 
Over 50s who will handout sweets to trick or treaters  27% 
Over 50s who will carve pumpkins  7% 

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