Monday 22 April 2013

• Over 50s have reduced their average mileage by a fifth since 2006 • A third of over 50s have cut back on their motoring spend • People walk, use buses and shop around for fuel to reduce the cost of running a car • Women are the most likely to cut back on motoring costs


Research by Saga Car Insurance shows a third of over 50s have tried to reduce motoring costs* – including driving less. People have reduced their average annual mileage by a fifth since the credit crunch started**, as the average over 50 now drives around 5,389 miles a year, down from 6,561, seven years ago.

The over 50s are doing a number of things to reduce the cost of running a car; including looking for the cheapest places to fill up (47%), leaving the car and walking more often (36%) and using public transport (35%). One in 14 have started shopping for groceries online to avoid driving to the shops.

Women are far happier than men to leave their car at home if it means saving money. They are the most likely to walk, catch a bus and also plan their journeys to reduce their monthly spend on their car. In fact, searching for the best petrol prices and riding a bike are the only things that men are more likely than women to do to save a penny or two***. 

People in the North East are the most likely to cut back on motoring costs to free up some money at the end of the month, while the Welsh are the least likely to give up driving around in the comfort of their own car.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services commented: “Older people are feeling the pinch and cutting back on driving, but everyone could save money and make the most of their journeys if they follow a few simple tips.”

Saga Car Insurance offers six tips for getting more miles for your money****:
1. Lighten the load – dump the clutter from your boot (on average, saves around £28 a year).
2. Shop around for the best fuel prices –best petrol prices can vary by as much as 14% (on average, saves around £93.42 a year).
3. Check tyre pressures – under-inflated tyres use more fuel (on average, saves around £41.50 a year).
4. Don’t be a speed merchant – steady Eddie saves the gas (on average, saves around £146 a year).
5. Cruise with the windows down – don’t reach for the air-con button on a sunny day (on average, saves around £24 a year)
6. If you’re driving fewer miles or if you have stopped commuting, let your insurer know as this may cut your premium.


Notes to Editors
• *Populus interviewed 8,577 adults online between 22nd March and 1st April 2013. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.
• **Data is based on Saga Car Insurance customer’s average annual mileage in 2006 and 2012.
• ****Following Saga’s motoring tips could save:

Tips Fuel Consumption
(based on a small petrol car)
Yearly Saving
(based on 5,389 annual mileage in a 1.2 Ford Fiesta
and an average petrol price of 137.87p)

1. Lighten the load
(car carrying 100kg) 

4% increase if a car is carrying 100kg
in the boot 
2. Look for the best fuel prices Lowest petrol price is 131.9p and the highest petrol price is 149.9p  £93.42 
3. Check tyre pressures  Tyres 8psi lower than the recommended pressure use 5.8% more fuel  £41.50 
4. Drive slower  Travelling at 80mph uses 41% more fuel than if a car travels at 60mph  £146.68
(based on 50% of annual driving on fast roads) 
5. Cruise with the windows down  Driving on a surburban/rural route with the windows open uses 1.1% more fuel, compared to having the AC on which uses up to 4.5% more fuel  £24.32 

• ***Differences between what women do to save on motoring costs compared to men

What the over 50s do to
save on motoring costs: 
Men Women
Shop around for the best fuel prices 48% 46%
Use their car less 45% 50% 
Walk more often 35% 39%
Use public transport 33% 39%
Plan journeys 26% 28%
Shop online 6% 8%
Bike more often 8% 4%

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