Technology tops the list for Granny this christmas

Tuesday 10 December 2013

We’re all well versed at the sincere sounding thanks for Christmas presents that don’t quite hit the spot.

Technology tops the list for Granny this christmas

This year, as people are hitting the shops for those last minute gifts, Saga is advising people to think twice about buying the usual socks, scarves or toiletries for an older loved one as research amongst more than 11,138 over 50s show they would prefer something altogether different this  year.

Surprisingly 39% of over 50s opted for technology as their top Christmas gift, with one in five specifying an ipad/ipad mini, which just goes to show that technology is no longer the preserve of the young.  In fact, a third of those over the age of 80 had technology at the top of their Christmas lists.

 When it comes to the type of gifts, it appears that there is also a gender divide with women of all ages being more likely to opt for technology gifts with 43% of women putting this on their list versus 35% of men.  Women are also almost twice as likely as their male counterparts to put theatre tickets on their list (50% versus 27%).  Men however are more likely to opt for DVDs or car related gifts.

The top 5 gifts topping the Christmas lists of the over 50s in 2013

Books                                               44%

Clothes or Shoes                              40%

Technology                                       39%

Theatre or concert break                 37%

Holiday or short break                     36%

Saga’s Paul Green commented “If you’re going to give a gift then remember it need not be all about slippers and Turkish Delight. Today’s grandparents are keen to try out new technology to keep in touch with their loved ones, so this year it’s all Turkey, Tinsel and Technology.”



Editors Notes

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The Saga Populus poll interviewed 11,138 Saga customers, all aged 50+, online between 13 and 21 November 2013. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules; for more information see


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